Monthly Damage Report: September 2014

Hello Beautiful Nail Addicts,

Sorry for the huge Swatch'd spam and load of preview posts, but I promise the next couple of posts will be dedicated to Nail Art again!

September's gone and I've been doing a lot of Retail Therapy this month. I tried to avoid the physical shops and only popped in once in a while to keep an eye on the limited edition displays, but the more I got sucked in at the online shops! I already spend a lot of time on the net as is, but when I get bored/sad/lonely/whatever I usually come to a point where I end up browsing online shops and eventually buy something... It's a very very bad habit!
While it may not show as much anymore, I am still on my stamping trip and I've amassed a couple new plates for my collection.

So colourful!
During my second week of my holidays in August, Linda of was having a second choice grab bag sale. Usually I'll completely mess up my sleeping schedule during holidays, so I stayed up till 2am to grab some of those bags. I managed to get two, they were both identical, but I'm happy with what I got. Can never have too many chevrons and straights! I also ordered an extra sheet of starburst vinyls, since I wanted to be sure I'd get those... Now I have 3, heh.
The grab bags were all put together from sheets that didn't make it through the quality check, because they had missing vinyls or other flaws. Some of the sheets in my grab bags seemed perfectly fine to me though... Also they were heavily discounted, I paid $10 for each baggy.

Moyou! I can never ever resist Moyou London... Everytime I place an order after their new releases, I will usually receive it on Wednesday of the following week and bam! New announcement! I thought I had ordered only 5, but when my package came, turns out I actually picked out 6.

Instagram is a dangerous place... I placed my first order with Thumbs Up and got 4 sets of nail wraps. I'm slowly approaching nail wraps, hoping to get the hang of them some time. I figured they'd make for a quick fix when I'm too busy to actually paint my nails and I just don't feel right with bare nails. Also, my wraps came with a free wooden stick and nail file with instructions on how to apply the wraps. Maybe you can see at the bottom, but how awesome is that shiny, silver bubble mailer??

Honestly, I don't even remember when I ordered from Hare Polish... But why haven't I done so sooner? I've been following them on Instagram for a while and the first time I was around for the restock, I skipped it, but the second time around I decided to give it a shot. And I was so surprised by the parcel, so well packaged and bunnies OVERLOAD! One of them even looks like the bunny my aunt had when I was a kid, I loved that little fluffball...

Like I already said, I went batshit crazy on the stamping plates this month. I got the Special Edition Stamping Set Encore by Pueen. And while I was at it, I also picked up one of their stamping polishes in Bubblegum...

Aaand more Indie goodness! Cadillacquer launched her new Fall collection, so naturally I was in for that aswell. I picked out 5 of the 8 shades and will probably have to get more once she restocks them... And so I did, I got Ink together with the full Halloween set she released just a bit later.

And even more Indie goodness: I got most of the clearance sale polishes from Squishy Face Polish. I ordered 4 but received 5, I'm not sure if this was an error or a free gift. But I won't complain, Annalisa is such a pretty polish.

  • Squishy Face Polish - Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Squishy Face Polish - Annalisa
  • Squishy Face Polish - Dusty Rose
  • Squishy Face Polish - Meeska Mouska
  • Squishy Face Polish - Strawberry KOF

A thing I always need to order are swatch sticks. I've been accumulating new polishes and wasn't able to swatch them so they just kept piling up in my living room ugh. Finally my new sticks came, I made sure to order a lot (250pcs). I get mine from BPS, so I also got some little goodies while I was at it: An adorable stamping plate with ponies (squee!), a plate holder for all my BPS plates (I like having one for each brand) and they sent me the polish they forgot from my last order. This time I also got a little free gift, a pack of nail wraps. I like these, since they have a clear base thus making them very versatile.
I must say BPS is slacking a little, I ordered a second round from them and 6 days later the order still hasn't shipped...

Two more collections I picked up were Catrice Feathered Fall and Color Show's Vinyl collection (you can click the names for the swatch posts)

As mentioned before, I tried to stay away from physical shops and I think I did quite well, I picked up only limited edition polishes. Almost. Besides the two Trend Editions by Essence, Hello Autumn and Oktoberfest (you can click the names to see their swatch posts) here's what I got:

Girls Night Out didn't make it into the photo... whoops!
  • Essence Aquatix - Mermaid's Secret
  • Essence Yes! We pop - Hey Smiley
  • Essence Yes! We pop - Grab this Hype
  • Essence - Free Hugs
  • Essence - Girls Night Out
  • Essence - Let Stars rain down on me
  • Essence - Ice Fairy
  • Essence - Live, Laugh & Party
At last, I did find those polishes I'd wanted and missed from last month's Trend Editions and for completeness sake, I got the pink Yes! We pop shade too... And then came Nina! I met up with Nina of @mymaynails on Instagram, she was so kind as to get me a replacement for my broken Parakeet polish from American Apparel. Oh, the kindness of strangers! We decided we should go polish shopping sometime together, so the next time I felt like hitting the stores, I texted her and she was all up for it... BIG mistake! We are both such enablers, gosh. She didn't plan to buy anything and went home with 12 bottles, heh.

This is when I picked up the Sally Hansen Fall collection and the Catrice Check & Tweed collection

She also introduced me to a drugstore I normally don't go to, because it looks more like one of those medicine-only drugstores and I didn't even think they had any cosmetics in there! Turns out they sell OPI polishes and if you're lucky, they're 50% off... And we were lucky!

  • OPI - Stardust
  • OPI - Wooden Shoe like to know?
  • OPI - Thanks a Windmillion
  • Manhattan Blogger's Choice - Green & Bronx
  • Manhattan Blogger's Choice - Ni Hao in the morning
  • Manhattan Loves Club Nights - Flashy Sunrise
I got Stardust at our local department store, they sell OPI for CHF 9.95 there, but just a handful of colours. I also got two polishes from the Manhattan Blogger's Choice collection and we found a display with the Club Nights collection.

  • H&M - Green Blush 
  • H&M - Sparkle my Night
  • H&M - Glitter Explosion
  • Claire's - Fabulous
  • Claire's - Ferris Wheel
  • Lacura - Ruby
How cute are those H&M bottles? They're all glitter toppers. Claire's was having a polish sale and a few of them were going for CHF 2.00 a bottle (normally they're CHF 5.80). Lacura is a brand sold at Aldi and while the colours there are mostly meh, I couldn't leave this one behind. It was the only bottle left and the colour is perfect for Christmas!

  • The Bodyshop - Frosting Fancy
  • The Bodyshop - Gorgeous Grey
  • The Bodyshop - Got the Blues

Then on the last day of the month, the news about the Bodyshop's new polish line finally reached me and so happen, I was meeting dad in town for dinner that day, so why not? I picked 3 shades and the first one makes me think of Essie's Fiji. Can't wait to try these!

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