Preview: Good Girl, Bad Girl by Essence

This is the kind of Essence collection I love! It's like the Aquatix collection, where every polish had some kind of effect (or at least they pretended it did) There will be 6 different polishes and two toppers, of course both are tinsel toppers... aka bar glitter toppers, ugh.

01 Hello Sweetheart
First off, dear Essence, you might want to check your spelling or consult a dictionary when slapping 'cool' English words all over your products. It's porcelain, not porcellan. Or was this supposed to be some Anglo-German mash-up between porcelain and its German counterpart Porzellan? Bad spelling is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when it's on official stuff like things you're going to sell... (No offense, nobody's perfect and I make my fair share of mistakes too, but you'd think they'd spellcheck that one before releasing anything?)
Anywhoo... What IS a porcellan effect? I'm curious... Is it glossy or shimmery? The other one I don't get is Snake effect, I've touched a snake before (a live one and a dead, dried one) but that as a polish? Is it a crackle or a magnetic finish? I'm very curious to find out!

  • 02 good girls wear peach
  • 03 who am i?
  • 04 caught in the middle
  • 05 it wasn't me!
  • 06 once i was an angel

The other effects make more sense to me (the names also seem to go from goody-two-shoes to bad-to-the-bone). I could imagine the sugar pearl effect could be a beaded polish, something Essence has never done before. Think Essie's Belugaria, Barry M's sequin polish or the Beaded polishes by Nails Inc. Basically, polish with caviar beads mixed in. It's a nightmare to apply and I understand why there aren't more of those...

I love me some Mean Girls quotes!
Seriously, though. What's with the sudden rise of bar glitter toppers? It started with one harmless feather topper with Catrice's Feathered Fall and now both new collections have bat glitter toppers or 'tinsel toppers'. Ugh, that word! I hate, hate, HATE tinsel! Especially in dolls' hair... Cosnova, STAHP! Make some cute snowy glitter toppers for Christmas or idk, but I'd like some toppers and I'm not a big fan of bar glitters.
I also don't know how much I like the idea of naming the topper the same as one of the polishes, in my OCD nail world that causes some major confusion...
01 Hello Sweetheart
02 Once I was an angel

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