Pink Dreams Ahead

The kinda hyped topper by Sally Hansen, from their new Fall collection.

I bought this one, unknowing of how popular it would become over night! So before all the other bloggers and instagramers around here flood the internet with this beauty, I thought I'd get in on it too. I'm not the first, seeing as I got inspiration from @lackfein on Instagram who topped this pretty polish over a dark blue base and matted it.

I chose a red base instead. My base is one coat of Red Ahead by Essence and looking back on it, I should have probably gone with two coats to get rid of the streakiness... First let me show you the plain swatches. I bought this back then because I thought it was a dark brown and I needed one for nail art, but the name suggests otherwise and it is in fact a very dark red, mahogany perhaps?

one coat without top coat

Next I added one coat of Pink Dream by Sally Hansen, this polish is indeed a dream! It's hard to describe it, it's a clear base with... glitter. I'm not sure how to describe the glitter, it's not holographic, the pieces are kinda sheer and iridescent, if that makes any sense..? I'll probably just let the photos speak.

Finally I matted it, because a. matted glitter toppers are the sh*t and b. it really made this one pop! I also snapped two macros to really show of this beautiful top coat, I think it should help you understand what I failed to put in words above.

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