Nail Art: Lucid Dreamer

Hello Loves,

Do you have lucid dreams? I'm not sure if I do, but it sounds like something I'd want to achieve in life. However, today's mani I'm showing you came to me in a dream. Or at least this is my interpretation of it, I think I got the design and colours right tho.

Colourwise I've felt myself slowly but surely transitioning to Fall, a good colour for this are coral and orange shades. Both of them are perfect inbetweeners and I've caught myself looking at orange polishes more lately, although it's not a colour I would usually wear... Anyway, today's mani isn't orange nor does this colour play a role in it, but the colours are quite Autumn-y, dare I say wintery.

My blue of choice for this look was Essie's Parka Perfect, it's somewhere between grey and blue. The accent nails have a base of Essence Black is Black on them, I then taped the sides and cuticle area with striping tape and painted the middle with Shiny Godness (yes, my OCD's go crazy over this name!) also by Essence. Before removing the tape, I topped the gold area with a fine gold glitter topper by Toma, not sure about the name or number. I bought this one years ago in London, somewhere in Camden Town. Wasn't able to find the store anymore this year and I get the sads when I think about how I've never seen any glitter like this one, since.

Finally, I mattified the look and to me, that just added the missing touch to it! I used the matte top coat by Topshop and it works great. I have a thing for matted nails during the colder seasons, so look forward to more matted designs coming up.

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