Preview: Essence October 2014 Trend Edition "cake pops"

Hi there,

Today I just have a short preview for you guys, it's a new Trend Edition by Essence. This one will be available from October throughout December 2014. I'm not really impressed by this Trend Edition, but see for yourselves...

The banner looks super cute, right? When I first saw it I thought maybe it's not just hand cream but also some cute, candy themed nail art stuff. Sorry to disappoint you, but no, it's just hand cream and nothing else... There's 3 of them, though.

I'm guessing they are your usual Essence hand creams with new scents? I remember Essence would have a hand cream collection around Christmas every year. I even have one from 2-3 years ago, it's still not empty, but I hardly use it because it's not the best and the smell is really strong! Anyway, who knows, the formula might have improved since then.

So from left to right we have: Cookies & Almond, Cherry & Coconut and Vanilla & Cinnamon.

They all sound really, really sweet (like cake pops, heh.) I like coconut scents when done right, but I can't imagine what it'd smell like with cherry. My favourite is probably the Cookies & Almond one, I love the scent of almond, though I think this one might have an overpowering smell of cookies. Vanilla is a scent I like as well, cinnamon smells nice too and I can definitely see them making a good pair! I might just have to go take a sniff of all these once they're released. You know, you can never have too many hand creams, hehe.

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