Nail Art: Hello September!


As you may or may not know, Cadillacquer is releasing her new Fall collection this coming Friday, September 5th! I'm excited, are you? You should be, just go look at the amazing swatches that have been popping up on blogs and Instagram! So while I'm patiently waiting for the release, I decided to paint on one of the older polishes and of course, do some stamping.

I'm wearing Remember Me, another beautiful, glitter loaded crelly. The colour is really hard to put in words... On the website it looked like a pale mint shade, but when I received it, it looked grey in the bottle. At first I didn't remember ordering a light grey shade, but the name on the bottle was correct. After painting on layer after layer, it didn't look that grey anymore. Instead I would call this a worm grey, there is definitely a mint tint to this colour!
There's silver micro glitter and differently sized pink, round glitter. In the bottle the bigger glitters actually looked a bit... Unsettling. I can't say why, think people with Trycophobia looking at a dried Lily bud.

Anywhooo... Since Summer never really happened here, I decided to go for a 'good bye Spring, hello Autumn' kinda theme.
Ok, not really... I just really really wanted to use my Emily de Molly stamping plate and these flowers just seemed to go best with the base polish.
I think the combination of the flowers and the pink glitter look a lot like Sakura trees against a cloudy background. Maybe even Arizona green tea if the background was more minty, hee. And Emily de Molly stamping plates, don't get me started! I am in love with this one!! I already did another stamping during the weekend, but I messed it up with top coat, thus no footage was documented. I'm just a little sad they're mostly sold out at Messy Mansion... Anyone know where else to get them aside from the evil bay?

For the 'technical' details, I used 3 coats of Remember Me for perfect coverage. You could probably go with 2 generous coats, but I prefer thinner coats, thus 3. Also it dried super fast, so go ahead and build those layers! Stamping was done with a pearly black polish from Konad and Emily de Molly Plate EDM 05. Topped it off with Seche Vite, luckily no messing up the stamping this time except for a tiny bit of smearing on my thumb.

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