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Hi y'all!

I was planning to join the September NAILlinkup Challenge, but turns out I don't feel like wearing apple nails at.all. I tried so hard to get in the mood to paint some apples on my nails, but I just couldn't get myself to do it... So here I am for the second theme after skipping the first.

I thought I was going to show you one of the new Essence polishes, only to realize this one isn't new, I just never noticed it before and picked it up, thinking it was. Anyway, it's still a pretty colour and more than appropriate for today's challenge theme which is Sapphire. Again, I got all my words mixed up and thought Sapphire was the green shiny stone (Emerald, which in German is Smaragd... Both start with S, soo...) Good thing I googled it, so here's my mani featuring the correct stone!

Well, at least the glitter is something new. It's from the new Effect nail polishes by Essence and this one's called Party Never Ends, which is quite an appropriate name! This clear base is loaded, and I mean LOADED with all kinds of glitter. There's different shapes and colours, it's so hard to describe. I used a sponge to apply the glitter like a gradient, no fishing, the brush was full of glitter which I could just wipe off with my sponge.

Sparkles so hard!
My base are two coats of It's Raining Men, a pretty dark blue with lots of shimmer.
For whatever reason, I didn't like this mani when it was on my nails, but I actually like it on the photos... This happens to me a lot, weird huh?

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