Swatch'd: Check & Tweed by Catrice

Hi Dolls,

Feathers. Feathers everywhere, ugh! And finally: One lonely British display, almost emtpied. I didn't know if or which polishes I'd pick from this collection. My problem was solved as soon as I bumped into this collection, as there were only two shades available. I then decided that those two were indeed the prettiest among them all.

After the previous two swatch'd posts (here and here), you probably guessed the nude tone called England's Rose. I was extremely torn about this colour, press photo was meh, swatches looked like just another generic polish... But in person! Interesting, alluring, tempting.. Get in my shopping cart. 
The second one is London Calling. Always! London is always calling me and you never go wrong with blue polishes.
While I was preparing the text for this post, I came across another Check & Tweed  display, this time untouched aside from one of the orange polishes missing. So I now faced the full palette of colours, but I decided I really only liked the red... brown... whatever tone, from the ones I was missing.

First off England's Rose, the nude tone. I thought this would be my favourite, as I'm so much into nude tones right now but this one... It's a perfect match with my skin, but in a bad way. It looks nicer on the photos, but in real life it looks like the slightly reddish parts of my skin. Not a colour I would wear plain on its own, but it's still a nice nude tone nonetheless.

I applied two coats for full coverage, the formula was nice to work with as usual, but I take back all the compliments I made about Catrice finally changing the brushes: You get your good old badly cut brushes with this collection again! On my preview I wasn't a fan of it, but the shimmer turned out to be more subtle than I had expected and thus actually looks quite nice.

Next is London Calling, a very nice greyish blue shade, again with subtle shimmer. It reminds me of cloudy, rainy days, but in a good way. Again I applied two coats, but if you're a little more generous with your coats you could get away with just one. Formulawise whis one was a little thick, almost goopy. I don't know if I just picked one from a faulty batch or they're all like this, but it made it a little harder to work with.

Finally the red... brown... Whatever tone, this one is called Brit Chick. I don't really know how to describe this colour, it looks like a dark red in some lights and in others it looks like a mahogany tone... It's a nice Fall colour though. Like the other two polishes, you'll get your badly cut brush, trust me, bad brushes really make application so much harder! I had to opt for painting 'over the lines' and then cleaning it up for a good job. Brit Chick needs two coats to opaque, but it dries decently fast like all other Catrice polishes.

What do you think about this collection? Have you spotted it yet and did you get anything?

Okay, I'm done with the Swatch'd posts... For now.

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