Swatch'd: Feathered Fall by Catrice

Good morning dolls,

I was actually looking for the Check & Tweed collection on Friday, but instead I found the Feathered Fall one. I had to go pick a top from a store in the city on Friday, wasn't planning on polish hunting, but I still ended up hitting up two stores.

I ended up getting 2 polishes out of the 4. The other, lighter green polish was pretty, but I already have something similar in my collection, so I left that one behind. The fourth shade was a pretty copper duochrome with glass flakes in it, I was pretty torn with that one, but since I hardly ever wear copper tones, I passed on that one too. Finally I got the dark green one called Peacocktail, it's almost black with a dark green shimmer, and the feathered topper. I'm such a hypocrite sometimes, I always say I don't like bar glitter and thus didn't want to get this topper... But, I guess you have to be open to some things?

First let me show you Peacocktail. It's a very appropriate name, it does remind me of the majesty and decadence of a peacock. As mentioned above, it's a very dark green with metallic green shimmer. You could probably almost call this a black. Honestly, this is what Essie's Stylenomics should have been, just as a creme finish.

2 coats without top coat
The coverage is perfectly opaque with two easy coats, application was good too aaaand... A big, BIG compliment to Catrice for FINALLY changing their horrible brushes! These polishes both have a nice, perfectly cut, straight brush which made application so easy. Thank you Catrice!
Sadly though, the caps aren't double caps like the new Luxury Lacquers, it's just a detail and doesn't bother me that much, but I just really love those double caps!

I also discovered flashing my swatches. Sounds so wrong, imagine me in a bathrobe in front of my polish shelf and then whipping it open, traumatized polishes forever! Obviously I was talking about the camera's flash, it works perfect for bringing out holo effects on a dark, rainy day. I also flashed Peacocktail, but it didn't make much of a difference...

2 coats without top coat, with flash
Next, the feathered topper I wasn't planning to get. I must say, I don't regret getting it, it worked really nicely over Peacocktail! It's a clear base with thin, teal coloured bar glitters and bigger silver ones. The glitters are pretty dense for a drugstore topper and there's a lot of it in just one coat. Application was still smooth, nonetheless.

1 coat over 2 coats Peacocktail, no top coat
It's so sparkly! And yet, I don't know when I would wear this... Maybe as an accent? I don't wear nearly enough glitter tbh, maybe because of the removing procedure? Though I like the alu foil wrapping method, no scrubbing and rubbing like with normal nail polish. I'm so lazy, I don't even mind the 10 minutes waiting time, it's a good excuse to do nothing heh.

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