Swatch'd: Oktoberfest "o'zapft is" by Essence

Hello Lovelies,

I've never been to Oktoberfest (even though meanwhile we have our own lame version of it here). Heck, I don't even like beer that much! And yet I got super excited when I found this untouched display at my local department store.

I wasn't planning on getting the whole collection. Actually I only wanted to get the two green-ish colours, as it seems to me Essence seems to have a slight obsession with those shades of pink and purple lately. Buuut... I guess the excitement of finding an virgin display got ahead of me and made me pick up all the shades plus the nail stickers. I'm not a huge fan of nail stickers, so seriously wtf?

01 Pretty Pink Dirndl
Another generic Essence pink, was my first thought. Turns out this colour was a challenge to photograph right! The colour is a vibrant pink with cool undertones, it popped and looked almost coral on my photos in the lightbox. Thus a normal daylight shot against black at the end, it's the most colour accurate.
The formula of this polish was a bit watery, despite this fact, it's a one-coater! As usual, I still did two coats for habit's sake.

02 Sweet Purpleline
This colour I tip-toed around the longest. I own a bunch of purple Essence polishes and it's been done a lot in their Trend Editions lately, just think Ka-Ka-Karnival from the Viva Brasil collection. However, this purple is slightly different, it has a slight pink undertone and is darker than the purple mentioned before. This creme polish could probably do with one thick coat, but I'd still suggest two coats for perfect coverage.

03 I hol di mit'm Traktor ab
You've gotta love all the Bayerisch names they have going on in this collection! This one is a lovely olive coloured polish, it's the perfect colour to transition from Summer to Autumn. Application was smooth as usual, though this creme definitely needs two coats for coverage.

04 Holz oder Michel?
This muddy shade is my secret star of the collection! At first it just looked like that, as though I smeared mud on my nails. With the second coat it covered nicely and dried to a glossy creme finish. It seems there's very fine micro glass flakes in this one, but it's really hard to see even in real life. See how complex this baby is?
It does look a lot like cow dung, on second thought, but I still think it's one of the most beautiful polishes I own... Weird?

Have you seen this collection yet? I'm curious as to where it's sold, since Oktoberfest is pretty German and I wonder how many countries/retail markets can relate to this.

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