Swatch'd: Color Show's Vinyl Collection

Hi Dolls,

I'm always last to get the news from Maybelline, I just seem to lack the sources or pages to stalk... I normally 'sense' something's up when the latest limited edition just mysteriously 'sells out' and that area in the display stays empty for a while. So obviously this is what happened with the latest collection, although this time I did stumble across some blogs with press releases and knew about this collection.

I found the whole collection while I was shopping for dinner and other groceries. All together we have 5 shades here. Hey, I did some research and it seems in Germany there's only 4 shades: Teal The End, Record Red, Black to the Basics and Grey Beats. Additionally I saw a dark pink shade here which goes by the name of Pink Punk. I ALSO saw that listed a purple shade called Orchid, so I'm guessing all in all there are 6 shades in this collection..?

Intentionally I only really wanted Grey Beats, I am currently into nude tones and any kinds of 'dirty whites' or 'tinted whites', whatever you want to call them. Basically anything that looks white, but isn't white... You get what I mean? But then I thought one polish would make for a shitty Swatch'd post and hey, I love the leather finish and this vinyl collection might be similar.
After that thought I just really wanted to grab the whole collection, but they're CHF 7.90 (~$8) a pop here, so... no. Thus, besides dinner I brought home Grey Beats and Record Red.

'Always kiss the one you're less into first', as quoted from MTV's Faking It. Confession time: I actually like watching all those lame highschool dramas on MTV (not the 'reallife' stuff, tho.) Anywhoo, I shall do it like that for these babies, so lets start with Record Red.

I applied two coats as usual, drying time was faster than I remember for other Color Show polishes. The formula is good, it applies smoothly and is easy to work with that straight brush. The finish isn't completely matte, nor is it glossy, it's something inbetween... I wouldn't say it's a leather finish, it's different. Maybe a plastic or rubber look? (or vinyl, hah!) I guess you could compare it with the not so glossy finish you get from neon polishes.
Record Red is a nice vibrant red, still quite summery, but definitely a keeper.

Grey Beats is the same quality as Record Red, only difference is that this polish is pretty much opaque with just one coat. I did two for habit's sake, you can see a kink on my middle finger. I got this on my first coat and thought the second one would smooth it out... Wrong.
Grey Beats is a very pale, warm-toned grey and perfect for Fall!

I am really tempted to get Pink Punk and Teal the End, so there may or may not be a part 2 for this collection... I am also very tempted to fly to London again just to get that Orchid one, but alas, my time and money aren't infinite. (Sadface)

What do you think about this collection? Will you be picking up any of the new shades?

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