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Hello Lovelies,

Ever get those kind of days/weeks when life decides to punch you in the face and kick you in the shins, then proceeds to kick you as you're laying on the ground and finally spit in your face while you're still trying to process what just happened? Yeah, that's a re-cap of last week for me. I didn't even feel like going on a polish hunt on Friday after work, I just wanted to curl up in my bed and hide from the world...
But anyhow, I still went on my little adventure and let me just tell you: It paid off! It paid off so hard. I managed to get that last Aquatix polish I was missing and also the mint green polish from the Yes! We pop collection. And THEN I found a completely untouched display of the Hello Autumn collection. But it doesn't end there, the next day I found an untouched Oktoberfest display. Two virgin displays in two days, can you even...? Enough of the talk, lets just move on to:

All the polishes in this Trend Edition are thermal polishes so I thought they'd be gone at the blink of an eye. I still wasn't able to get the thermal polish from the Roadtrip collection, but from what I've seen online, the effect wasn't that great on that one... Thus I wasn't expecting too much from these babies either, but see for yourselves!

I included 3 shots for each colour: The first one is the 'default' look at my own body temperature. Then for the 'hot' look I held my fingers over a candle (yes, flammable polish and fire? What could possibly go wrong?!) to heat it up and bring out the full effect. For the 'cold' look I dipped my fingers in ice water for a few seconds, thus the water droplets on the photos.

01 Beauti-FALL Red
As the name suggests, this polish is red and it changes from bright, hot red (warm) to a deep dark red (cold). To me, this polish is a crelly like all the others in this collection and I think they could have all done well with a third layer, I swatched all of them with two coats.


02 Meet my Pumpkin
This one is a typical Fall orange colour and it changes from bright orange (warm) to a dark rusty orange (cold).

03 Charlie seen in Green
Two and a half men much? This polish's colour is a little hard to describe, according to the name it's green and yes, I can live with calling this a lime green. It changes from yellow with a green tint (warm) to lime/olive green (cold).

04 Keep calm & go for a walk
Enough with all these "keep calm &..." stuff, it's getting old and annoying..! However, this nude polish is a real stunner! It goes from peachy nude (warm) to a taupe-y, mauve shade (cold), very pretty!

Despite the name, the nude polish is my favourite from this collection. I've been loving my nudes lately and this one is really pretty. It also seems to have the strongest contrast between its hot and cold shades, plus they're both beautiful!

What do you think of thermal polishes? Let me know which one's your favourite among the 4!

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