Swatch'd: Sally Hansen 2014 Fall collection

Hello Dolls,

I've known Sally for a while now, I first met her during my early teenage years, when I was bluntly told that my polishing skills suck. (Come one, I was 11-12ish and who painted their nails perfectly on the first go?) Anyway, that was back in Singapore. Now Sally has made her way down to Europe and yes, she even appears here in Switzerland and despite our old friendship, I'd always pass by her shelves without saying hi. I decided this had to change and thus, I picked up two polishes from the new Fall collection, which I found locally.

I know, I know, the US Fall collection has 15 shades and damn am I envious of those glitter toppers! But the 6 available shades here are probably better on my wallet anyway. As mentioned on the Color Show Vinyl post, currently my heart beats for all those dirty little whities, thus I picked up Himalaya, obviously.

Two coats without top coat
I thought it would be really similar to Essie's Urban Jungle, but that one has a more pink tint to it, whereas Himalaya is a very neutral nude tone. The formula and brush were lovely to work with and two coats were enough for full coverage. This is always an instant win in my heart: light colours that are completely opaque with just two coats!

The second one I picked up was Pink Dream, one of the two glitter toppers available here. The lazy person in me loves showing you topper swatches, since I can just paint them over whatever colour I just showed you without having to remove the last colour.

one coat over Himalaya
After swatching this one I regret not having done so over a dark base, because I saw someone else's photo of it matted over dark blue and it was beautiful! This topper has a clear base with big and small holographic hexagonal glitter. The glitter density is quite high, so you'll be fine with just one coat over your base.

Sally Hansen prices here... I don't know, Swiss price policy confuses me sometimes. If you go to all the big super markets and department stores here, you'll pay CHF 13.90 per bottle (~$14), however, if you go to Müller Drugstore, they are "only" CHF 10.90 (~$11). Felt a little bummed because I got my first polish at the super market and then found the cheaper priced ones... Hey, I could have gotten another Essence polish with those $3 and still have change left!

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