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Hello Hipsters!

I met my dad for lunch in the city on Saturday and he kinda got dragged into a quick polish hunt. I can't help but do my "lacquer lane" or "polish run" (haven't decided what to call this...) when I'm in the city. I have another bigger route I do when I get off work early on Friday, it involves two other cities, but that's another story.
While I didn't find anything new, I managed to reach home before the super market closes, so I dropped in quickly to grab some food and ta-daa, I found this:

The item I wanted to get most was the confetti topper, surprisingly they were all still there! I thought people would grab those first... Instead, the green polish was sold out, another one I really wanted. I had 15 minutes before the store closed, so I had to be quick. I thought the yellow and blue looked pretty, so I took those and felt bad for leaving the pink one behind... I also grabbed the nail wheel because you can never have too many nail embellishments and I don't own any neon studs yet. Finally I added the dotting tool/brush 2-in-1 thingy to my shopping basket. I already own a bunch of dotting tools, but I could really use a new clean up brush.

2 coats without top coat

First up we have 01 - Hey Smiley, which is the yellow polish. Usually I don't wear yellow, actually I don't think I have ever worn yellow... But I really liked this shade of yellow, it's not a bright, in your face kinda yellow, but it has some white parts that make it lean slightly to a pastel yellow.
Application was smooth, your usual Essence quality and it was opaque with two coats. It dries glossy with a creme finish.

I don't own a lot of yellows, but this one definitely doesn't compare to any of those. Which is nice, because people keep asking me if I don't already own all shades of a Pantone card. No. No, I don't.

2 coats without top coat

Next up we have 03 - Hello Hipsters, a sky blue polish. What's with the name? And what's with the moustaches anyway? I thought we were finally done with that trend, bleh.
Anyway, this polish could pass as a one coater, it was pretty opaque after the first coat, but for habit's sake I did two coats. Like Hey Smiley, application was smooth and easy and it dried to a glossy creme finish.

Right now I'm a sucker for blue polishes, so I couldn't resist this one. Don't you ever get these phases where you are drawn to a certain shade or colour family? I remember last fall it was mint, then towards spring I was crazy for lavender shades and after that I started amassing an army of pink polishes...

Last but not least, we have the confetti topper 01 - Bubblegum. As afore mentioned, I was really surprised this one wasn't sold out yet, seeing as the L'oreal confetti toppers were really popular around here and the neighbouring countries... But after applying, I can tell why, just look at the lousy amount of pink glitter on my nails. I applied one layer of confetti topper and even a second layer on my ring finger and pinky.

I would have liked this to have a higher glitter density or maybe different shapes and sizes of glitter to make it more interesting, a bit like Claire's Junk topper.

Have you spotted this trend edition in stores yet? Which items did you pick up?

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