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If you're reading this, my last scheduled post has pushed through and I'll be on my way back home.
Here's my third and final Bornprettystore review for this month, it's about one of their many nail art wheels.

When I unpacked this sample, I was all 'I don't remember picking flower rhinestones...' and then 'damn, there's a lot of badly cut flowers in this pack!'. Well, that's because often I tend to forget what I picked or ordered, which is rather exciting, to me each parcel is a surprise package with stuff I actually want/like, heh. So to be clear, this review is about butterfly shaped rhinestones from Bornprettystore, not flowers.

This nailwheel comes with 12 different coloured butterfly shaped rhinestones, approx. 2mm high and 3mm wide. You can attach them to your nails with nail glue or even a small dab of polish. They're $4.55 but currently you can get them at a 20% plus an additional 10% on your whole order if you use my code SUHX31 upon checkout.

Here's the 12 colours I got, I'm not sure if they're random or you'll get the same. But we can work with what we've got, right?

I know, I made a huge fuss about them being butterfly shaped and now I'm totally taking them out of context and reinterpreting them as... Bows.

In my opinion these were really easy to apply and just add a simple and quick bling to your mani. Also, I don't think I have ever come across butterfly shapes rhinestones before, so it's a unique novelty. With top coat added, these little bugs stay on just fine and can endure a couple days of wear.

Bunny signing off!

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