Swatch'd: Cadillacquer - Seek the Fire (+nailart)


Ah, the wonders of Instagram! I miss having a virtual hangout where I can talk to fellow addicts like-minded people with the same hobby. I have yet to discover a forum for nail art and nail enthusiasts, but I like Instagram for this better anyway. As it is in this kind of communities, people bring up suggestions and recommendations and make you buy stuff. The same thing happened one fine day on Instagram when I gave a shout out for Indie suggestions. I was soon made familiar with Cadillacquer. And you know how the story goes, I ended up purchasing some new polishes...

Today I want to show you Seek The Fire, I bought 5 in total and this one just really wanted to be on my nails right away. It's a beautiful blue crelly base filled with red glitter. The blue is hard to describe, it's a mid blue, but depending on the lighting it does have a bit of a teal tint to it... I'm bad at describing colours, can you tell?

The first set of swatch photos was taken in daylight, they are pretty true to colour in my opinion.

The brush is flat and straight, which made application really easy. The formula is smooth and you'll have no trouble painting on the layers. The glitter is not too big or chunky and dense, so it's easy to get glitter on your nails without having to fish for it or any further 'arranging'.
This colour is opaque in two coats, although since it's a crelly you will see your nail line shining through, which shouldn't be a problem. It dries super fast too!
The finish could be described as glossy, it's ever so slightly bumpy due to the glitter but nothing that won't smooth out perfectly with a layer of top coat.

Yummy Macro! Two coats without top coat.
I really, really like the combination of the blue and red, so I decided to do some nail art by adding some red accents. It started with a chevron using vinyls from, which I applied too soon, thus ripping off my base, fml... I fixed up that nail and went for it again a little later.
For a little bling I added a butterfly rhinestone from my previous Bornprettystore review and finished off the look with a quick dry top coat from Essence.

This batch of photos was taken later at night in my DIY lightbox, I still use my common lamps for it, so all photos were slightly yellow tinted. I did my best trying to compensate that with my camera's white balance setting and fixing it digitally later.

Allover, I really love this first polish I tried from my order and I highly recommend you drop by the store and maybe try some for yourselves! Oh, also the best part about this: Made in Switzerland! It was so nice finding a fellow Swiss person who is even making Indie polishes, just makes the whole experience a tad more fun. Also, shipping was super super fast, ha.

And yes, I still want to hear your Indie suggestions! Who is your favourite Indie Polish maker?

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