Swatch'd: Squishy Face Polish - Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Hello Lovelies,

I have yet another swatch for you, but this one is a special one! It's my very first Indie Polish!! Yaaay. Erhem. So anyways, today I'm showing you swatches of Truly. Madly. Deeply. by Squishy Face Polish. I've always wanted to try some Indie Polish, but never knew where to start, I knew nothing about the whole community and it wasn't like there was just one hyped and raved about brand! Also there's so many of them and everyone makes such gorgeous polishes... Well, long story short, I just browsed Instagram and started randomly stalking following a few Indie Makers and Squishy Face Polish was one of them. I was tip-toeing around my first order for the longest time, then finally I saw her 4th of July sale and decided to just bite the bullet. Not a single regret was had!

How do I best describe this? It's a milky white jelly base loaded with lots of different shapes of glitter in black, red and white. There's black and red micro glitter, small and medium sized hex glitter in red and black, white and black square glitters... so many! In the bottle the base looks like a grey tinted white, but it's actually a milky white that will 'blend' to your natural skin colour, thus the polish looks like a very soft pastel pink on my nails.

Application was perfect! The polish, even though loaded with glitter, went on smoothly and it was easy to paint even coats. What you see are 3 thin coats for perfect coverage. Of course, being a jelly, you will still see a bit of you natural nail shining thru, but that's not a problem.

Drying time was great too! I wasn't expecting it, since I don't have any experience with Indie Polishes, but it dries the same as any other big name polish would! I didn't apply any top coat, the finish is smooth and the glitter sits nicely embedded in the jelly base, no rough edges or surface here.

All in all, I am very happy with my first ever Indie! The name fits perfectly, because I have fallen in love with this pretty polish, truly, madly and deeply! It looks so pretty and I can't wait to swatch and share the other 5 polishes I got from Squishy Face Polish! (I have one more coming in the mail) If you're interested to call some of her polishes your own, please visit Alice's shop to purchase some of her beautiful creations! US based, but international shipping is available, yay!

Oh, here's a bonus macro shot of one of my nails! Please ignore my cuticles, they got a little stained from the orange polish I was wearing previously...

Should I make a separate blog series with focus on Indie brands? Do you have any must-try Indie brands you'd recommend I check out?

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