OMD2 Challenge Day 27: Nautical

Ahoi mates!

Nautical is a theme I was very excited about to do! I loved seeing all the cute sailor manis on Instagram, especially the ones that involved stripes. Once again, I found myself going thru my stamping plates and I came across a few nautical themed designs on my Bundlemonster collection, so I picked out 3 plates from the 2013 CYO collection.

My base colours are Essie's Blanc and Fame Fatale and Cool Azul by Essence. I also used a gold mirror polish from Kiko for the stamping, the black octopus was stamped using a black pearly stamping polish by Konad. I messed up the octopus the first time because I applied top coat, what is it with Konad polishes that never seem to dry completely so no matter how long you wait and how gentle and careful you are applying top coat, it will still smear??

I'm slowly getting the hang of stamping! The anchors are still a little warped, but not as bad as previous nail stamps... There's another stamper coming to me in the mail, also some new stamping plates hehe. But lets talk about that later!

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3 Responses to OMD2 Challenge Day 27: Nautical

  1. This looks great! I also used the stripes and anchors stamp for mine, but the lines didn't transfer as good as yours. Absolute a great nautic nailart

  2. You are welcome. ;-) yes it's a great plate.


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